Why smoking is bad for you

Smoking is the cause of several diseases such as cancer, respiratory diseases and heart disease. The tar in cigarettes consists of several cancer causing chemicals. Nicotine is dangerous and highly addictive, causing an increase in blood pressure as well as heart rate and contributes to the hardening of blood vessels which causes heart attacks. Carbon monoxide is the harmful gas you inhale every time you … Continue reading Why smoking is bad for you

When ‘healthy’ foods aren’t healthy

If you are joining the masses of people committed to healthier eating as a new year’s resolution, then I’m sure you have seen the labels on health foods such as ‘gluten free’, ‘fat free’ and ‘low fat’. But do these labels mean that the food is actually healthy enough to include in your diet? We explore a few healthy foods which might not be as … Continue reading When ‘healthy’ foods aren’t healthy