10 Health Tips for Women

We have all experienced the battle of the bulge and more so the battle to eat the ‘right’ foods but staying on track is the hardest part. If you’re one of those who are gearing up for summer and so taking all necessary steps to get that beach body ready, here are a few tips. But keep in mind that being slim and healthy is not only about aesthetics, changing your lifestyle can have positive effects on your general well-being too.

  1. Stick to your new routine for at least two weeks. Breaking bad habits are not always easy, but the longer you tough it out, the easier it will be not to fall back into old habits.  Keep in mind that you should also be alternating your work out routine every two weeks. This keeps things fresh and stops you from getting bored.
  2. Find a fitness buddy or group. You might not want to have an audience initially but as your fitness levels improve, consider getting a fitness buddy or joining a group of woman for fitness classes such as zumba, yoga or bootcamp.
  3. Minimize refined carbs. Eating refined carbs leads to a spike in blood sugar, which produces excess insulin, which could be responsible for holding on to fat stores. Not all carbs are bad but be sure to pair them with the appropriate protein and fresh vegetables.
  4. Get enough ZZZZzzzzz’s. Getting enough sleep not only reduces those dark circles under your eyes, but also leaves you feeling refreshed and rested, and so no need to reach for those energy boosting snacks which are high in calories.
  5. Set realistic goals. Many of us choose an amount of weight such as 5kg or 10kgs and do not celebrate our success along the way. Rather change your mindset to fit into a favourite dress or make your goal weight a varied amount, such as 5 to 10kgs. Once you hit 5kgs, it will motivate you to get to the extra five.
  6. Stay active throughout the day. Do not limit your exercise to that an hour in the gym. While you go about your daily routine there are changes you can make which will assist you in achieving your goals. Always take the stairs, take a short 5min walk to the water cooler etc.
  7. Be positive. While it’s all too easy to fall into a slump and focus on the fact that you haven’t reached your end goal, staying positive goes a long way in keeping you on this journey to health and wellness.
  8. Consider supplements. No, we’re not talking about weight loss supplements, but rather the correct vitamins and minerals your body needs to maintain its optimum health. There are natural and organic supplements on the market such as Manna Health which provide you with the necessary nutrients. Take these in conjunction with regular exercise and you will feel energized and on top form.
  9. Health and diet partnership. Most people tend to pick one and run with it, with the idea in mind to add the other. Very often this ends in failure. Rather consider your change in lifestyle as a complete process and change both your diet and exercise regime.
  10. Be kind. Falling off the wagon is inevitable, but you need not beat yourself up about it and give up completely. Rather take a gentle approach, accept that you’re human and stay focused on where you want to be, without letting each disappointment knock you down.

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