Making the decision towards healthy eating

Diets always start on a Monday.

Funny, but true.

The allure of all those unhealthy snacks hinder us from starting and sticking to a healthy eating plan.  You don’t need to cut out all indulgence in order to to be healthy, but you would need to cut down on a certain amount in order to reap the benefits.


Unhealthy snacks such as chocolate and potato chips might taste great but the sugar and fat content can do untold damage to your heart and waistline. Curb your sugar spikes by snacking on sustainable foods such as fruit.

Superfoods are also a healthier option for snack time. Loaded with antioxidants and all that other good stuff that helps improve your immune system, superfoods have become a popular snacking substitute for those in-between meal snacks.

Deciding to follow a new eating plan should not be about following fads. Fad diets lead to yo-yo dieting which leads to weight gain. An eating plan is different from a diet in the fact that following an eating plan means choosing to make healthier choices.

Making the decision to add wholesome food to your diet is a wise choice in that not only will you lose weight, but you will reap the health benefits as well.

Watch the weight fall off, your energy levels start rising and even your complexion improve.

These days there are many health stores which cater for those wanting to add organic foods to their diet. You can pick up all the favourites such as wheat flour, chia seeds, hemp powder, coconut oil and organic supplements from stores dedicated to health.

Making a change is always hard but you will surely reap the benefits from making better food choices. Remember that one cookie isn’t reason to fall off the wagon completely…as long as it’s not a whole bag!!!



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