Is swimming good for weight loss?

Swimming is usually seen as recreational unless you are an Olympic gold medalist and yet, look at their bodies; toned and leaned. Don’t be fooled though, swimming isn’t the only form of exercise these sportsmen and women get up to but swimming can definitely be more than just cooling off after a long day.

Swimming is an excellent way to boost your metabolism, burn calories and tone your muscles without putting pressure on your joints. Which makes this form of exercise perfect for the elderly, pregnant women, injured athletes and people who are overweight. Make sure that swimming isn’t your only form of exercise, add in bootcamp classes in Johannesburg and you will be good to go.

If done correctly, swimming can be done every day with no risk of injury.Be sure to speak to a swimming coach about your technique so as not to cause injury by using the correct technique and form while swimming.

Set realistic expectations if you are new to fitness or even new to swimming. Many people think that if they are expert runners for example, that they can jump into the pool and swim laps effortless. This is not the case. Swimming uses a different set of muscles and requires more assistance from your heart and lungs. Your lungs will have to adapt to a new way of breathing and you will have to perfect your stroke and technique as well so as to not over exert yourself.

Because water is much more dense than air, you basically getting a resistance work out for your entire body. You will notice a change in your core, hips, arms and glutes first. For optimal training, it is suggested to do interval training, meaning one fast paced lap followed by one normal paced lap.

*Top Tip: Your appetite might be stimulated after exposure to cold water, be careful not to consume too many calories after your work out. 



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