Running Tips 2017

Running is an effective form of exercise which is also easy to get into and convenient to work into your schedule. Not forgetting the fact that you don’t have to have a gym membership to do it. For those of you with knee and foot injuries, please consult your doctor before doing any form of impact exercise. For the beginners, please pace yourself and ease yourself into the world of running.

Have a look at these tips to get you on the right path:

  1. Invest in the right shoes  – The wrong pair of shoes can cause blisters which will effect your overall performance and decrease your motivation to get going. Have a chat with a sales consultant about which shoes will suit the terrain you are running on.
  2. Stay hydrated  – It might seem like a good idea to work up a sweat and flush out toxins but it won’t be much good if you become dehydrated along the way. Take along fresh water even on cool days as the cardio work out will demand that you refuel.
  3. Join a group  – It might seem a bit daunting to join a group if you are just starting out but a running group will really keep you motivated and you will be less likely to postpone runs if you have a group of people waiting for you. As your fitness level picks up, a group can be very beneficial in giving you that extra push to achieve your goals.
  4. Rest days  – It might seem as though you are slacking off on rest days but they are part of the strategy. Minimize injury by giving your muscles time to relax and recoup.
  5. Walk – Run – Walk  – if you are just starting out it is a good idea to incorporate some running into your walking. Instead of pushing yourself to run too hard or too much, add in a few stretches of fast paced walking and you can rest without losing your momentum completely.
  6. Incorporate cross training – adding a different form of exercise to your running routine can really benefit you. Strengthening different muscles can improve your over all performance and also gives you an all round work out. Try something less intense such as pilates classes in Montana or swimming.
  7. Give it time – If you are a beginner keep in mind that the first few weeks of running will not be great. You will feel extremely tired and sore, your fitness level will take a while to build up but keep in mind that it’s all part of your transformation. Give your body time to adjust.
  8. Stay safe – Run against the traffic and stay safe. A runner facing oncoming traffic is able to anticipate danger and can react faster than a runner facing the other way.

Get out on the road and get going!

run tip 2.jpg


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