Kickboxing your way to fitness

Many people have in recent years turned to more non-traditional forms of exercise in order to get a better total body work out, or simply to avoid boredom. The roots of kickboxing lie in a mix of western boxing and a blend of muay thai, karate and khmer boxing. Contrary to popular belief, there are various forms of kickboxing with their own rules such as:

Thai Kickboxing – known as muay thai, there is a strong emphasis on knee and elbow strikes.

French Kickboxing – allows the use of shoes

Burmese Kickboxing – Any part of the body may be used to strike and be struck.


Kickboxing is not only practiced for general fitness but also for self-defense and as a contact sport. With kickboxing you can increase your overall strength, confidence and coordination. You can expect to have an intense cardio workout, mixed in with elements of dance, self-defense, martial arts and one-on-one competition if you are up for it.

There are many gyms in South Africa such as Viva Gym which offer kickboxing classes or even bootcamp classes which also give you an intense total body workout if you are looking for  challenge. Be sure to mention any chronic ailments you have with your instructor and even consult your doctor as this particular form of exercise is not advised for people with asthma and diabetes. Be honest about what you can handle because you can sustain a serious injury if you push yourself too hard.

You might need: ankle supports, boxing gloves and headgear. And always bring a water bottle and towel.

Tip: Make sure to stay hydrated before your session. Load up on carbs 1 hour to 30 mins before your work out.



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