My favourite group fitness classes at the gym

Zumba is all about the vibe and energy

The Zumba ads on TV really do live up to their vibe and energy. I recently attended as a guest on a friend’s gym membership and it was everything she promised. I’m a big fan of music and dancing but was struggling to see how this was categorised as ‘fitness’. But 15mins into the class I realised that these people mean business and that this was indeed high intensity cardio.

Spinning classes are a killer

I loved bike riding as a kid so I popped into one of the spinning classes while I was there. I won’t lie, I have massive regrets. I jest but honestly I have never had such a hardcore experience. My legs were stiff for days after that but I actually loved the feeling. Showed me how unfit I was and motivated me enough to go back and sign up for my own gym membership. I now happily attend my local gym in Pretoria and couldn’t be happier.



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